Products and Services

Our products and services are tailor-made for each customer.


  • Stock Brokerage Account.
  • Purchase – Sale of Local and International Fixed Income.
  • Purchase – Sale of Local and International Variable Income.
  • Mutual Assets and Liabilities Operations.
  • Short and Long Term Options.
  • Margin Financing.
  • Reporting operations.


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Fund Transfer Instructions


  • Investment advice.
  • The management of the investment account in accordance with the mandates conferred by the investors and the terms established in the Stock Market Account Agreement.
  • Mediation, directly or indirectly on behalf of the issuer, in the placement of issues and public sales offers.
  • Acting as underwriter or underwriter of issues and public offerings.
  • Management of custody accounts.
  • The management of portfolios or individual investment portfolios.
  • The execution of functions inherent to payment, registration and transfer agency.
  • The granting of securities and money loans for the acquisition of securities.
  • Offering of structured products, such as swaps, credit default swaps, repurchase agreements.
  • Advice to companies on the structuring of securities issues subject to private offers.
  • Offer placement agent services for securities issues subject to private offers.