About us

Trust, Responsibility, Professionalism, Respect and Valuation


To offer our financial services in order to satisfy our clients’ needs within highly standards of opportunity, competitiveness and security.


Positioning Panacorp as a recognized broker dealer in the Latin American securities market based on its efficiency, innovativeness and reliability.

Panacorp Casa de Valores is
a Member of the Panamanian
Stock Market Chamber (CAPAMEC)


The Following values rules our actions to achieve our Mission:


Panacorp’s employees are trusted labor force. Integrity, trust and honesty governs employee’s actions as a fundamental principle, hence their actions are synchronized with their business thinking.

Team Work:

Team work prevails as Panacorp’s principle to achieve its goals. Personal interest is not acceptable and shall not conflict with clients, colleagues and shareholders interests. Panacorp’s team work is characterized by is optimism, confidence and the desire to achieve excellence for a long term success.

Responsibility and excellence of labor force:

Panacorp’s personal is committed with highly performance of its duties, and each employee provides its services committed to the values and principles of the company.


Panacorp is committed to provide services in order to achieve value for its clients, shareholders and the community. Panacorp is constantly seeking for competitiveness advantages to improve its services quality by implementing processes and controls to mitigate all kind of risks.

Respect and Indivudual assesment:

Panacorp assess the unique capabilities and qualities of each person. Our goal is to attract persons with good manners and values, to prepare our employees to face their duties and responsibilities validating their actions for their success within the company


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